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MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes – Learn MicroStrategy starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Desktop, Architecture, Components Overview, Importing data . You can create Intelligent Cubes and publish them as a shared data source for the users to build reports from. Intelligent Cubes provide the fast response time. Intelligent cubes are multi-dimensional, in-memory copies of data that can be queried and accessed by many different documents and reports. Basically, the.

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Procedure Enabling and customizing report details preferences Linking Reports and Documents Prerequisites for working with links About links Components of a link Specifying how prompts are answered in the target Creating links Copying links to other objects in the report Creating linked reports Creating linked reports that answer prompts with the selected objects Creating linked reports that answer prompts using metric conditions Custom SQL Queries: Bryan Brandow viz hacker, blogger, data enthusiast.

Accelerating Your Business with Mobile Analytics. Relational analysis with personal Intelligent Cubes.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports

Instructions confuses ou obscures. If you decide to microstratgy or modify the report later, no worries, it will hit the data warehouse like normal. The diagram of this method process is when A1 and A2 are in one dimension and B1, B2 are in other dimension and B1 and A1 are the lower level attributes:.

How aggregation is mivrostrategy Filtering: The instructions are confusing or unclear. Commenti o suggerimenti mlcrostrategy la documentazione MicroStrategy Suggerimenti per il miglioramento dei prodotti Informazioni sul packaging e descrizioni dei prodotti MicroStrategy. Applying the metric condition to the metric calculation Level metrics accepting dimensionality units to emulate MicroStrategy 6.

Customizing Drill Paths What is drilling? Filtering by offsetting the current date Dynamic date example Dynamic date based on a prompt answer Importing and exporting elements inhelligent attribute qualifications The attribute level of set qualifications: Intelligent cubes are multi-dimensional, in-memory copies of data that can be queried and accessed by many different documents and reports.

Attribute element list qualification Filtering data based on business attribute forms: The advantage of the method is that it will avoid the joins done between the fact and the lookup table.


MicroStrategy – Intelligent Cubes

Row level math Consolidations vs. Envoyez-nous un e-mail pour nous laisser vos commentaires.

Break by Metric-to-metric comparisons Merging attribute qualifications Applying qualifications independently of relationship filters Custom expressions and database-specific functions Custom expressions Apply functions in metrics: Warum waren diese Informationen nicht hilfreich?

If leveraged properly, Intelligent Cubes can produce a dramatic performance increase in your project. Whenever a report executes against a data warehouse and returns a new set of data, a personal Intelligent Cube is created automatically.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports – Bryan’s BI Blog

For instructions, see Results Processing. Overview Approaches for data mining with MicroStrategy The Data Mining Services workflow Predictive metrics and performance Creating a dataset report Data mining dataset reports Guidelines for creating a miicrostrategy report Inputs for predictive metrics Using non-MicroStrategy dataset reports Creating a predictive model Using MicroStrategy Using third-party data mining applications Importing the predictive model Importing predictive models for Microxtrategy cubes Aggregating predictive metrics Using the predictive metric Using the predictive metric in reports and documents Using the predictive metric in other objects Predictive Model Viewer Data mining examples Revenue forecasting example using linear and seasonal regression Campaign management example using logistic intelligejt Segmentation example using cluster analysis Telco churn example using decision tree analysis Campaign management example: Moving towards a dashboard.

Grazie per avere dedicato del tempo per fornirci un tuo commento. If only certain lookup tables neede…. Filters About filters Types of qualifications Editing a filter Changing the evaluation order of qualifications in a filter Filtering data on-the-fly in a report Creating a filter within a report Filtering data on-the-fly using view filters Creating a stand-alone filter Microstrahegy a description for a filter Specifying security conditions for a filter Saving a filter Filtering data based on business attributes: If that happens, the query is simply sent to the warehouse.

If we have small lookup table the processing power and processing time needed to generate the resulting relationship tables will be minimal. Creating an Intelligent Cube is very easy.

One drawback with any cache is that if the report is manipulated in such a way as to change the data definition, the report cache is invalidated and re-execution against the data warehouse is necessary to update the report cache. Building ad hoc schemas. A practical overview About the report level of a metric Specifying metric levels Displaying expression syntax: Report formatting styles Find and replace report, template, and metric formatting Displaying attribute and attribute form headers in a grid Determining which attribute elements are displayed: Creating a mobile application.


Levels Removing associations Advanced Prompts: Find Out More Start Trial. A combination of the complete data definition and the view of the data is stored in the personal Intelligent Cube and displayed on the report.

Panels and panel stacks Panel stack examples Defining the parts of a panel stack Inserting and defining panels Formatting panels and panel stacks Providing interactivity to users: We cannot include custom groups, consolidations, derived metrics, prompts, or view filters in an intelligent cube.

Time-based and other comparisons Mirostrategy transformation example Transformation metrics in the Metric Editor Compound metrics Compound metric example Smart subtotals Formula join type for compound metrics Creating metrics by combining metrics, filters, and transformations Metric subtotals Displaying subtotals on reports Defining subtotal defaults Disabling subtotals Metric functions Rank Count Running and moving sums and averages N-tile First and Last Creating your own plug-in functions Integrating R analytics into MicroStrategy Apply functions: The Intelligence Server checks to see if there is an existing cache for the same Report Template, Report Objects, Prompt Answers and User Security, and if a match is found, that answer is served up immediately instead of a trip to the database.

Intelligent Cube Population methods in MicroStrategy 9. Design and Implementation of the Security Model. Fact table is being used as lookup table: Foundation of examples Filters and order of calculation on reports About filters The difference between report filters and report limits About metric qualifications About the report-as-filter Defining a filter for a drilled-to report The basics of report execution Data definition and view definition objects: Understanding data evaluation order and distributing reports to users Before you begin Report design versus report creation Accessing the Basic Report: Prompts in scheduled reports Types of prompts Filtering data on attributes, attribute forms, attribute elements, or metrics: Do you give us microstraregy consent to do so for your previous and future visits?