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The film had 120v bubbles and irmm inferior transparency; light transparency was a little over 50 A potato starch slurry was adjusted to a concentraton of 25 7: The film dried within 30 seconds by heating the plate from below at C and applying warm air 30C to the surface of the film. After removing the air bubbles by degassing or by standing.

However since liquefaction of starch proved somewhat difficult imr the initial stage. Each material amylose is dissolved in l 2 NNaOH to give a concentration of 20 7c. Heat sealing is also possible. EXAMPLE A l starch suspension prepared with amylomaize starch was dispersed and gelatinized by heating to C under stirring conditions for 20 minutes and was enzymatically treated similarly as in Example l-l. The temperature of the solution was adjusted to 30C. The product had a moisture content of 51 7t.

Precipitate was separated and S-amylose 7-S was obtained. The suspension was pumped continuously into a cylindrical gelatinizer equipped with a multi-bladedagitator and gelatinized by charging raw steam into the gelatinizer and heating the suspension rapidly to C.

The precipitated amylose was separated. In addition by subjecting such amylose starch to the actions of a-amylases. Amylose containing less than 50 7c S-amylose and the remainder being L-amylose is produced by converting enzymatically amylopectin present in natural starch into S-amylose and then controlling the content of S- amylose to less than 50 as described by varying the separating ratio of S-amylose and L-amylose.


For industrial applications amylose starches which have high L- amylose content were obtained by removing the amylopectin 1220c present in the above varieties of starch or by simply purchasing commercial amylose starch.

USA – Process for the production of amylose films – Google Patents

The solution was cast uniformly on a metal plate and dried at C quickly. The remainder was S-amylose with a mean D. The 120cc were performed as outlined in Example l-l. The film was found preferable for different applications. Yeah like I said, four degrees Because their oxygen permeabilities are negligible. The characteristics of the film were apparent at first sight; it showed neither white turbidity nor bubbles as in the cases of commercialized amylose films.

Especially as the S-amylose content approaches the 50 72 level a tendency for a sudden decline in the tensilities is apparent. On the contrary amylose with D. Because higher quality films compared to amylomaize films can 120 produced with amylose using igm commercial starch, such as sweet potato starch.

The dissolved solution was cast on a iirm plate in a thickness of 0. In order that the invention may be well understood the following examples are given by way of illustration only.

The precipitated amylose was centrifuged.

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With the objective to improve this point. Here is the most current: Process for separating and recovering vital wheat gluten from wheat flour and the like.

See below and edit as necessary. Immediately upon completion of dispersion the dispersed solution was cooled rapidly to 20C.


Original MEAN WELL IRM-20-12 single output 1.8A 12V 20W encapsulated meanwell power supply IRM-20

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The resultant was transferred into a reaction tank and incubation was carried out at 45 50C rim stirring slowly. Increase of the amylose concentration in the alkali solution was possible. Therefore the fact that both amylose films and starch syrups can be manufactured most economically.

Whereas films prepared with glycerin showed deterioration. Because the water swelling property and water solubility increase with the increase of S-amylose content. More particularly the inventors succeeded in the production of films by a decomposing amylopectin present in potato starch. The light transparency of the films is 96 The yield of amylopectin portion was 75 In order to convert the above amylose and amylopectin slurry into pure linear chain amylose. Posted August 21, Enzyme from Pseudomonas genes is most preferable for the production of amylose.

Moreover separation is attainable by precipitation with salts.

Comparison tests resulted in attainment of a film which a quality near to those of the films of Example and This is a really wonderful aircraft!! The starch solution was heated to C by a continuous heating and stirring equipment, and pumped into a holding tank where it was heated and dispersed for about 18 minutes. Posted October 20, Posted January 3,