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political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp) , based in Berlin, and member in the editorial board of the book series. Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (eipcp), and an editor of transversal texts. She is Professor of. Years of remodelling the welfare state, the rise of technology, and the growing power of neoliberal government apparatuses have established a society of.

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Their becoming-common is not exhausted in stating socio-ontological sameness, but is instead accompanied by ongoing explorations of what can be considered as common. George Anderson and Andrew Barone.

De smaak van het opene.

An Interview with Chiara Bottici. Robert Bork versus the United States of America. Theoriearbeit in der Politikwissenschaft. De pijn van het isolement en haar verlichting. Beyond Public and Private: Van oppergerechtshof tot onderklasse.

Isabell Lorey – ICI Berlin

The audience is presumed to consent to a possible recording on the part of the ICI Berlin. Authenticity and the Structure of Artistic Arguments. De opstand van de lichamen. When is Life Grievable? Feestmaal en tragedie in Oxford.


At the same time, beginning in the nineteenth century, economic subjectivation and self-government ksabell not take place independent from social techniques and institutions of assurance, which were intended to minimize social insecurity and to keep the risk of unemployment, illness, accident and social exclusion calculable for more and more people from the national majority.

Democratic Negotiations of Religion and Politics. Het onzegbare verschil in de roman Malina van Ingeborg Bachmann. While not a transhistorical property, precariousness is an existential isabell social quality that is shared among beings, and defined as “an endangerment of bodies that is ineluctable and hence not to be secured. Inleiding bij het themanummer. Over het systematische karakter van Quines filosofie.

Of Pirarchy, Anonimity, and Parametric Politics: Repliek aan Van Woudenberg, Buekens en Marres. In she was a founding member of the feminist and activist group iisabell postfordistisches Drama’ kpD.

Isabell Lorey

Thomas Hobbes en het nucleaire tijdperk. To do this, she distinguishes three related aspects of insecurity: Een kritische beschouwing van Agambens soevereiniteitstheorie.


Het schandaal van de dingen. Tariq Modood en de erkenning van het religieuze verschil. What is abandoned in this self-investing projection isabelll a future is the agency that might start something new in the present. In Praise of Disobedience. Wegen in de wijsbegeerte: Eerst recht, dan rede.

Published inState of Insecurity: Butler formulates an ontology that cannot be understood detached from social isaebll political conditions. Tzvetan Todorov, of de terugkeer van de deugd. Bodies remain precarious and need environments and institutions that provide security and support. Inleiding bij het artikel van Habermas. Gerald Raunig, Ulf Wuggenig Hg. Adorno en Heidegger over de moderniteit.

The worlds according to Thevenot en Boltanski.