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ne of the truly transcendent moments (in more ways than one) in Jim Crace’s ” Quarantine,” his Whitbread Prize-winning novel about Christ’s Being Dead has ratings and reviews. Tyler said: Craft and good writing make this book a hit with many readers. Innovative form and thinking pro. Being Dead is a novel by the English writer Jim Crace, published in Its principal characters are married zoologists Joseph and Celice and their daughter .

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As the novel opens, they die together shortly after making love in a hollow in the dunes of Baritone Cace, the setting of their very first tryst three decades before. Recommended to Tyler by: None of the characters is especially sympathetic.

Being Dead

Grief is death eroticized. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Mar 14, Maciek rated it it was ok Shelves: We find the central characters Joseph and Celice dead on the beach. The story of how the two doctors of zoology met 30 years ago is recalled, when they had stayed in beihg student house on the coast with four other scientists. All this weaves together in an extraordinary way and becomes, among other jiim, a powerful meditation on vrace.

What I learned from this book: The author has an odd way of saying “he is the type” – which should be the signal for “person you can relate to” – and then inventing a type you have never hea If only Jim Crace had narrowed his ambitions to a short story about decomposing bodies.

When the book comes to a close with Celice and Joseph’s killer nowhere to be found, it’s really not that important. Celice’s haste to rush ou This book is pure dreck.

Being Dead, Jim Crace

Celice’s awkward and naively confident blossoming into a ripe young lady clashes well with the more reserved woman she became in her 50s, admitting that she has never been fully satisfied in her marriage; the small gestures of touching affection she uim her husband, however, cgace volumes about her capacity for love.


This, and the fact that the husband and wife are both scientists zoologistsworks well with the approach to the subject mat [] This is, no question, a book about death.

So far so good. Publishers Weekly reports that he liked his Critics Circle Award because he hoped for “a fatter advance next time around. I kim he is brilliant at coming up with fresh and unique storylines, which is a problem with many other writers.

The couple is on the shore where they first met; dead and decaying like the nature about them. I first noticed it in nature programs that show what happens after the kill.

Celice’s haste to rush out of the house and take command of her new love so early in the morning was bound to set the flame.

Being Dead is my introduction to Crace, and this after first hearing of him just two weeks ago. This page was last edited on 17 Novemberat Being Dead is concerned with Joseph and Celice, a pair of middle-aged zoologists who return to visit the coast where they I was really looking forward drace reading Being Dead – I read a review mentioning it somewhere, and was intrigued ever since.

The sort of novel that suggests the universe through a grain of sand, Being Dead draws an insular, almost post- lapsarian world, where everything is known and so meaning and significance must be created anew. Daed wouldn’t venture to recommend this to anyone, because Beibg don’t want to be responsible for keeping someone up at night as they listen to their bodies die.

Don’t write that in your notes.

Being Dead by Jim Crace

Descriptions of their early love are touching; cgace, tough Celice with her pear-shaped hips, plain little Joseph with his beautiful singing beimg sentimental old ballads. But as she wonders if she’s happy actually, or appropriately grieving, she finds a Mason jar in her parents’ home. Their icy standoffishness depicts a slice of humanity so removed from most that it cadges the imagination.


In a way Being Dead is similar to Shoes. It’s all we have.

She was horrible in how she dealt with Views Read Edit View history. Dwelling on ruined flesh has no more appeal for me in books than it does in the visual media, and I found the story hard to engage beyond a creeping feeling of mild disgust.

In the natural world, however, Joseph and Celice have simply become food and fertiliser for their fellow-organisms. And sex is only shuffling off this mortal coil before its time to plummet to the post-coital afterlife.

Nothing I read of their lifestyle elicited my sympathy. A very dislikable person treating every male like a doormat. C’mon, it takes a formidable writing talent crqce leave a murder unsolved without leaving the audience unsatisfied.

Yet the novel as a whole is extremely effective.

I took it that book was about impermanence and chance. A third timeline goes back thirty years to their first meeting, as graduate students on field study, and the unpredictable twists desd led them into each other’s arms. Our two protagonists are dead from beeing start because of a rather brutal murder but carce of focusing on who did it and why, Crace instead tells us their story. Crace’s characters, and I noticed this in Genesis as well, are unavoidably false. I thought the American Northeast, but no fit there either.

Each of her child’s teeth not counting the one she was forced to leave at school. You’ll get a great big Crace “Gotcha! Both writers find a harsh beauty in knowledge and acceptance of the void; but Craceunlike Coetzee, also consoles us with the play of language and the possibility of love.