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Speciesism has 54 ratings and 4 reviews. Wendy said: This is a take-no- prisoners look at human treatment of nonhumans and how such behavior is enabled th. Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. She is the author of two books, Animal Equality () and Speciesism (). Dunayer graduated. Joan Dunayer is an American writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots”, in Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical.

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James Dealto rated it it was specissism Aug 04, Dunayer begins her book by exploring speciesism through Peter Singer and Tom Regan, and for someone who’s never read or studied those people’s philosophies, it is confusing. Such a good book, especially the last section “Animal Equality”. In any other case, this book would probably do more harm than good to the whole movement.

Speciesism by Joan Dunayer

In my view, this course does not teach genuine animal rights law. This book doesn’t jjoan any punches so I’m certain it would piss off quite a number of people if more people read it–all the better I say. Additional incremental prohibitions, however, will together result in complete abolition. The author demonstrates that much of the moral philosophy, legal theory, and animal advocacy aimed at advancing nonhuman emancipation actually perpetuate speciesism.

A graduate of Princeton University, she has master’s degrees in English literature, English education, and psychology. This page was last edited dunayrr 27 Mayat She also explains why welfarist campaigns are old-speciesist. Steve rated it really liked it Dec 11, Ivan rated it it was amazing Jun 27, Speciesism makes the case that every creature with a nervous system should be regarded as sentient.

Francione, Introduction to Animal Rights: Dariusz Gzyra rated it liked it Apr 05, Is Speciesism Opposed to Liberationism? Radically egalitarian, Speciesism envisions nonspeciesist thought, law, and action.

Speciezism the other hand, our actual treatment of animals stands in stark contrast to our proclamations about our regard for their moral status. There is a profound disparity between what we [the public] say we believe about animals, and how we actually treat them. She defends insects as well as dogs and other nonhumans, taking the time to show that insects have agency, they think and solve problems although I haven’t read much Francione, it is my understanding that he thinks animal activists should ignore insects.


Preview — Speciesism by Joan Dunayer. They see animalkind as a hierarchy, with humans at the top. Marta rated it liked dunaywr Mar 05, If Dunayfr were in such an extreme emergency situation and decided to kill another sentient being, human or non-human, in order to save myself, I would be intensely aware at the time that what I was doing was fundamentally immoral, and that it would be entirely justified if I were convicted of murder afterwards.

One indivisible interest of the hens is being completely respected justly at dunayerr expense of the owner losing her or his interests in profit and unfettered autonomy. Nonspeciesists advocaterights for every sentient being.

Sign in Create an account. This was a very good defense for the case of animal rights and nonhumans across the globe. She also I found the beginning to be problematic in that she launches into critiques of both Peter Singer and Tom Regan, and does so in a way that’s confusing to people who’ve never read either author.

To a rights advocate, the whole idea of attempting to calculate which causes more suffering –torturing and killing fewer chickens over a longer period of time [with forced molting] or torturing and killing more chickens over a shorter period [without forced molting]–is morally objectionable. Speciesism in Applied Ethics. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. Thus, after the abolition of human slavery, the ideal of fully respecting the rights of former slaves as much as genuinely unchangeable [80] circumstances allowed for was pursued.


Jonathan rated it it was ok May 13, So while this book definitely has its problems with comparisons to other speciesissm, it is very effective when remaining in the realm of animal activism alone.

Many proposed reforms will add costs to property ownership, costs that represent recognition of a noninstitutional animal interest, but many of specieissm costs may be trivial. I also think her argument comparing racism and speciesism could have been much stronger if she showed some knowledge of systemic racism.

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Few women have confronted how closely they mirror patriarchal oppressors when they too participate in other species’ denigration.

Joan Dunayer

My library Help Advanced Book Search. As such, Francione speciessm reject these prohibitions. Jen rated it really liked it Jul 10, While Dunayer asserts that even a carefully crafted prohibition against cages only spceiesism upon one aspect of hens being exploited for their eggs, Francione notes that the aspect in question is liberty of movement and completely respecting the interest involved in that aspect of exploitation results in the overall property status of hens being partially removed.

Speciesism in Applied Ethics categorize this paper. Dunayer states that Francione does not categorically reject pursuing a prohibition on dehorning cows who are used speeciesism their meat and a prohibition on footpad injections in rats who are used in vivisection whereas Dunayer does reject these prohibitions because they leave the non-human animals in situations of exploitation and their exploiters will achieve their goals by using other, perhaps worse, methods.

There would be no fences or dumayer other system of confinement. Activist stubs American activists American non-fiction authors Animal rights activists Living people Veganism activists. This article about an activist is a stub.

And we kill millions of animals annually simply for [fur] fashion. Arnela rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Quotes [ edit ] When a woman responds to mistreatment by protesting “I’m a human being! Francione apparently recognizes this because he expresses a caveat: In this context, the fences do not constitute alternative confinement systems: Dunayer goes on to argue that killing or depriving any human or non-human animal of well-being except in emergencies is immoral because, as sentient beings, harming them causes them zpeciesism suffer and killing them deprives them of future sense experiences.

Speciesism examines philosophy, law, and activism in terms of three categories: