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The American photographer, celebrated for his ground-breaking colour work, gives an insight into his classic work, and why he believes “a. This is the definitive edition of Joel Sternfeld’s seminal American Prospects made from new printing plates and technology that did not exist at the time of the. It is about a country convinced of its independence and freedom, but that when photographed appears chained to a set of principles and.

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Book ReviewsPhotobooks. Photobooks are typically produced in very small numbers, hundreds, maybe thousands.

Joel Sternfeld – ‘American Prospects’ (2012)

There are kinds of reasons behind this, catering to a small group of insider collectors usually not being one This is just one of the various photoland conspiracy theories. Of course, a very simple solution to the problem would be to re-print a book that is prospeccts out, in particular if there appears to be high demand.

Usually, that does not happen, though. Sold-out photobooks are simply unavailable for most people; and you can now blame high prices for out-of-print photobooks either on the sternfel publishers or demand side of prispects market collectors. Unfortunately, they have vastly increased demands for the books that are listed inside, as a consequence of which many of the books that potentially a lot of people have just been made aware of are now unavailable.

Given that electronic versions of photobooks fall so short of the originals, and given that on-demand publishing has made such progress, it is not inconceivable that at some stage, out-of-print photobooks will be made available again as on-demand editions. These on-demand editions might jpel approach the quality of the originals mainly the paper selection and print quality might differ, possibly the bindingbut in all other respects on-demand photobook re-publishing would come closest ;rospects getting a copy of the original.


American Prospects, Joel Sternfeld – ATLAS OF PLACES

In the meantime, we can only hope for popular photobooks to be re-issued – as has been the case for a fair aerican of books.

The book has already been re-issued a number of times, with even the reissues sold out. The Steidl reissue has now made the book available again for all those who want to get their own copy.

One issue that has been mostly ignored as far as I can tell is the format of a photobook pros;ects. In a nutshell, it comes down to deciding whether a photobook is reissued in exactly the form it was originally published, or whether it should be changed.

Joel Sternfeld – ‘American Prospects’ () | ASX

In the case of American Prospects I personally do not think the changes have resulted in a book that is better or worse than the paperback copy I had previously seen. Your mileage might vary.

All this aside, anyone who has not at least have had a look at American Prospects would be well advised to do so now. As a photographer, Sternfeld has certainly had enormous influence on a whole generation of American photographers.

This development would be even more reason to go back to one of the original practitioners and to re-evaluate the work, re-look or simply look at the work to see what it joep, what it stenrfeld, and, crucially, what it still has to offer. Unfortunately, the art world is prone to either forgetting the past, or to subjecting it to a ludicrous glorification.

Much effort was spent on evaluating the work in the context of its time. However, I was sorely missing a look at what still is relevant in that work today, with respect to the issues we are dealing with; a look at how that work still challenges us today – given many of the problems we pretend to have solved actually linger on, some in pretty ugly ways.


Outside of a purely academic art-historical context, any piece of art has to re-fight for its relevance on an almost daily basis.

Review: American Prospects by Joel Sternfeld (2012 Version)

This is the reason prospeccts some work stays with us, while a lot falls by the wayside, or is only remembered in historical surveys.

Great art essentially is timeless; for photography, an art form so rooted prowpects technology and thus tied, at least in a superficial way, to time periods, this poses a particular challenge. Given we have now re-gained easy access to the book, we might as well use the opportunity to look or re-look, asking – and this is hard in a culture that has become so dominated by nostalgia most of it fake – what this work tells us about us, our human conditon. Tucker; pages; Steidl; Using the plate numbers, photographs 12, 19, and 35 were removed.

Using the plate numbers, the following images are new: Visit Conscientious Extended for longer articles and interviews. American Prospects by Joel Sternfeld Version. Tucker; pages; Steidl; 1 Compared with the Friend of Photography paperback edition, the only one I had access to, the following changes appear to have been made.