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Apr 1, Guardian book club, week one: John Mullan on What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe. Apr 23, BOOK REVIEW / Clawing, brutish gargoyles: ‘What a Carve Up]’ – Jonathan Coe: Viking’ pounds – Anthony Quinn on a furiously political. Jonathan Coe writes: “After The Dwarves of Death I knew that it was time to write a more ambitious novel. For a while I toyed with a couple of ideas: there had.

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Beamish was the same man who introduced Henry’s even more ruthless sister, Hilary, to the world of television in an earlier chapter.

His sister Tabitha alleges that he was betrayed by their brother Lawrence, but no-one believes her, and she is committed to a mental institution. He now lives in coee West London flat with his family, in less splendour than some of his neighbours. Apart from Godfrey and Tabitha, Mortimer despises all the Winshaws. Michael Owen — A young writer with a couple of moderately successful novels behind him who is commissioned to write the history of the Winshaws by Tabitha.

Even when he finds a likely girlfriend, she has already been seduced by rakish art dealer Roddy Winshaw. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat That title to which I was so attached proved to be a real headache for my overseas publishers, all the same. Later we find that disgusting Mark Winshaw’s German shat is the daughter of a former Nazi, whose Zyklon B production plant his uncle Godfrey was instructed to destroy in a secret wartime mission.

Spotting a “Grace Kelly-style icy blonde” on the tube, he lapses into his “favourite fantasy”, in which, “miraculously”, it turns out that she is “getting out at the same stop, continuing on to the same station, catching the same train, travelling to the same town — a series of coincidences which would bring us together while usefully absolving me from the need to take events into my own hands”.


It is the night that allied warplanes embark on the bombing of Iraq following Saddam Hussain’s invasion of Kuwait in Much of what passes for political comedy on television, it suggests, is merely a sort of community hymn-singing for people who all believe the same things. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The intruder, a middle aged man, remains unidentified. After some persuasion, Coe acknowledges that the street is based on Tregunter Road in Chelsea.

What a Carve Up!

What a Carve Up! When he hesitantly introduces himself, she laughs. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Coe creates the fictitious Winshaw family to embody these different interests under one name and, ultimately, one roof. If he buys some junk food, it has been manufactured by Dorothy Winshaw’s factory-farm conglomerate.

M ichael Owen, the protagonist and occasional narrator of What a Carve Up! She is eventually admitted to hospital, but because treatment was not administered soon enough, she cagve shortly after New Year, Godfrey, son of the wealthy Matthew and Frances Winshaw cow Yorkshire, is shot down by German anti-aircraft fire during a secret wartime mission over Berlin, on 30 November Number 11 US ed.

Almost nobody managed to come up with an exact version of the phrase, although I’m told that the Swedish attempt, Huggsexacomes pretty close.

Nineteen years later, after a party to mark the 50th birthday of their other brother Mortimer, Lawrence is attacked in the night by an intruder, but survives, killing the whwt in the wjat.


The Winshaw Legacy by Jonathan Coe general information review summaries our review links about the author Title: When his own publisher has his house burgled and documents and photographs stolen, he is questioned by the publisher’s formidable deputy: Instead, after more than a decade of Thatcherism in the UK, I thought it was a good moment to write a book about some of the changes imposed upon the country in that time.

In this novel we most often experience coincidence by meeting characters that we have already met. What is the explanation of Drood’s disappearance? Michael’s renewed interest in the Winshaws coincides with the appearance in his life of Findlay Onyx, a private detective hired by Tabitha to pursue the mystery of whether or not Lawrence was complicit in Godfrey’s death.

At least not any more. For a character in a novel, coincidences mean that he has a destiny. It involves bulldozers, cranes and closing off streets for months.

Book club: What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe | Books | The Guardian

The Newsnight interview, in which the bullying politician dispatches his less worldly opponent with a hail of statistics, is conducted by one Alan Beamish. In practice, this means that the book also subjects Lefties like himself to careful scrutiny. After a series of short novels Jonathan Coe moved on to this much more ambitious undertaking. Retrieved 17 August