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DUA’A 78 It is written in Kanzul Maknun to recite the following verse of Al Baqarah between wudu (ablution) and salat for increase in sustenance. WA ID’ AA. It is written in Kanzul Maknun to write the following du-a’a on a paper like a Ta’ wid and bind it on the right arm of the grown up girl who is not. It is written in Kanzul Maknun, on the authority of the Holy Prophet, if the following du-a’a is recited after praying a 2 rakat salat, it increases sustenance.

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O the averter of sorrows. Dua by Imam Mahdi atfs. Supplication of Amirul Momineen Ali a. Sign in Already have an account?

Kanzul Maknun –

I am seeking Your favor, as You have ma,nun me to do. Whosoever is aware of the divine laws and follows them to him He shows the true way out and gives him sustenance from where he does not reckon. It is recommended to recite it after Fajr or Maghrib prayers. Other Misc Duas below.

Kanzul Maknun

They did as advised and their son was fully cured. And You are informed and knowing about him. You exalt whom You like and abase whom You like; in Your hand is the good; verily You have power over all things. O Allah, send forth on me the bails of Your sustenance in abundance.

There is no god save You, the true and manifest sovereign. With sincere faith and full concentration recite verses 2 and 3 of at Talaq times after Fajr salat regularly for 39 days, preferably from Thursday or Friday see Talaq 2 and 3 in duaa He greeted him and told him about his story with the Imam.


Restrain us from undertaking to secure that, a sufficiency of which You have guaranteed. O Allah, please frustrate whoever intends to deceive me. Once the Prophet’s saw daughter Fatima Zehra as asked the prophet for a mankun.

Inspire kanzl with pure confidence whereby to protect us from the hardships of fatigue.

Do not cause this world to be like prison for me. O my Lord, forgive me, and give me such a dominion as kajzul one after me shall have the like.

One who follows this supplication, his sustenance would become easy and their ways would become easy for him. O Everliving, O self-subsisting.

Shower such a mercy on me which excels every other mercy and free me from all the debts.

Inshallah all hindrances will disappear. Whosoever fears the wrath of Allah, He will make a way out for him, and provide him with sustenance from where he does not reckon. DUA’A 88 According to Imam Jafar bin Muhammad as Sadiq recite the following du-a’a times daily for two months to have rizqi akbar large means of sustenance.

Indeed You, if you entrust him to Your creatures he will not benefit and if you leave him upon his relatives he would be deprived.

Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi also in his biography of the 9th Imam muntahal aamaal mentions something on these lines that asking Allah swt by the 9th Imam for increase in sustenance is a tested and proved method that really works.

Then even if your debts equal the whole world full of gold, Allah would cause it to be liquidated.

duas for marriage – Social/Family/Personal Issues –

Grant us a sincere faith whereby to deliver us from the toil of earning a living. So “fear Allah as He ought to be feared and do not die until you are true Muslim. From the proven supplications of Shaykh Mufid for seeking sustenance is reciting seven times:.


If You put Your creatures in charge of his affairs they will not serve him, nor hand over his affairs to his relatives, they will take possession of his rights ; and if at all they give, they will give that which is less and trifle; and if they refuse to give, they will withhold much; and if they be niggardly they do full justice to niggardliness.

You are my only hope, and O the one to show mercy on everything, have mercy on me.

Dua’a to combat Black Magic

It is said in traditions to recite the above thirty times for removing poverty and getting prosperity. O Allah, target at me the most productive arrows of opulent sustenance. Recitation of Sura maknuj Waqiyah a fter Isha Salat. The Messenger of Allah s. Verily Allah is oft-forgiving, most merciful.

Inshallah, it will protect you from troubles, difficulties and misfortunes. Allah is sufficient for him who relies on Him.

My situation is not concealed from You. O One an Only! O Patron of the believers.

O my sustainer give me abundant sustenance, make easy for me its seeking, let its source be near me and let me not in vain run after the sustenance You have not selected for me, because You do not want to punish me whereas I am always in need of Kanzzul mercy. And more than Your Grace by Your Grace.