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Master of Craving (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Master of Craving, the third book in the Blood. A Knight to Remember (Blood Sword Legacy Book 4) – Kindle edition by Karin Tabke. Romance Kindle eBooks @ Master of Torment (Blood Sword Legacy) [Karin Tabke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wulfson of Trevelyn, trusted knight of William the.

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His shoulders were as wide as one half the width of the double oak portal. His eyes scanned lower to a full bosom that heaved in her anger. Both characters are noble and stubborn. Sir Rohan du I’m just going to warn you, right up front — this is not a light, fluffy romance.

I had heard good things about this series and the blurb on the back sounded interesting. Will their love conquer all, or will it be lost forever? As a romance reader as ofTbke have quite a lot of reading make-up to do Just taabke they are about to be executed, they are saved by a mysterious old woman.

Controlled chaos now reins supreme through the pages she writes where hot heroes serve, protect, and pleasure from page one to The End. It all got to be too much, and much as I like swodd book, I’m not sure I’ll read it again. Refresh lbood try again. I could go on, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers. The Norman shall not have your maidenhead for the barbarian that he is.


And more than that, Rohan will have to fight his destiny when it comes to the fair maiden. I debated with giving this one 2 stars just because that kind of thing submission, etc is appealing to some people, just not to me. Lo que le ha hecho ganar puntos son sin duda Rohan nlood Isabel.

She felt as helpless as a mouse in the jaws of a stable cat. The characters are logical and realistic, and the plot well done. But, it comes with the high price of kqrin the blood of her kin. As part of his personal booty, Rohan lays claim to Lady Isabel of Alethorpe while the squad settles into their new home.

Blood Sword Legacy Series

There was lots of steamy sexual tension between Isabel and Rohan, but there is definitely a progression to this, as Isabel hates him in the beginning, as did I. This is a very good start to The Blood Sword Legacy series.

View all 5 comments. But he treats her like shit the whole book and is a complete ass, and his only redeeming quality appears to be his sexual prowess, which brings me to the really big reason this book is not for me, and that is Until a witch defies her brother to help the eight mercenary knights escape, at which time she sets in motion the prophecy of the Blood Sword, binding the eight knights together.

Isabel vows that her heart will remain her own even if Rohan claims her body. Rohan urged his horse past the girl and up the wide stairway, the shod hooves making a sharp clicking sound on the stone. His men fanned out behind him on foot. The book opens with our “hero” heavy air-quotes around that, since he’s basically a huge asshole, pardon my language in a prison filled with flesh-eating bats, basically legacyy to die. The Blood Sword knights who are the personal guard to William, ride into Rossmore estate in Alethorpe, England, Lady Isabel’s father and brother are away at battle, so she is the one who is left to see over the land and her people in blooe absence.


Blood Sword Legacy Series by Karin Tabke

The last thing this lady intends is to let a Norman bastard trespass on her person or steal her maidenhead. And in a moment Rohan decides he shall have her — claim her as a part of his victory.

A mediocre and painfully predictable cookie cutter medieval romance. Instead the sight that greeted him shocked him. As part of the prophecy, only a specific woman can bear each of them sons, and with it comes a price. Return to Book Page.

I went into this book expecting a light bit of historical romance. The sex scenes are few – they don’t get going til around page and the heroine doesn’t lose her virginity til page He could already feel the full swell of it beneath his hands, and the soft thrust of her hips as they met his with passion. Trivia About Master of Surrend For instance, how exactly did Rohan and the other Blood Swords escape from the dungeons in Jubb?