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KINGDOMS. OF FLAME. BY ARCHAELUS BARON. Kingdoms of Flame A Grimoire of Black Magick, Evocation, and Sorcery All rights reserved. No part of this. I □ MA m \ 8l IKri httl5://i’.eom Kingdoms of Flame A Grimoire of Black Text copyright © Archaelus Baron Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames Demon Prince Targat, I, Archaelus, call you into manifestation before me. Kingdoms Of Flame [E.A. Koetting a.k.a. – Archaelus Baron] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. E.A. Koetting Black Magick Grimoire.

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Bxron I looked over the letters, however, I found myself comprehending the words and the context written. At this point, allow your scrying vision to open, seeing the world around you with your spiritual eyes. Thereby, the vibration of a specific God Name will cause the induction of the energetic atmosphere conductive to the appearance of the entity summoned, and will also prompt the entity into archaelux the call of the conjuration in the first place.

Maelta shows himself as a tall, healthy man with long, brown hair and blue eyes. No longer were ancient hieroglyphs used, but instead the walls were covered with elaborate drawings and full sections of wall covered in the same mysterious script as is seen in this Grimoire. There is no secret or wicked past that would cause this Spirit’s understanding eyes to look away.

He will notice the aversion, however, and will be offended by it. Push into the Triangle as much of your own energy and prana as you are mm e.

Kingdoms of Flame by Archaelus Baron

The motion was perhaps a bit stronger and swifter than I had projected, as the door slammed against its frame when it closed. They appeared to be barn of a magickal preface to the evocation of the beings that followed. I fled back through the Square into my warm body and the safety of the confined and mundane senses. I noticed in my visits to the Kingdoms that the Grand being was seldom in the company of the other entities of the Kingdom.

Michael Vivek added it Nov arcjaelus, One was an older man that I later learned to be Althalln.

I was told that this was the First Temple of Varai, where men come to be trained in the ways of godhood. Each will answer differently, and in such each will provide a piece to the completion of the puzzle. If ever there is cause for defense or need for protection, there is no better comrade than Samassk. Todd marked it as to-read Sep 10, The moment their figures began to develop any sort of clarity in my mind, the front door swung open,, as did my eyes.


It is written in what can be called a skeleton cipher. Mastery over the Astral Body of Light is possible when working with Thalos. Fruit trees were carefully planted here and there along the path, decorated with more beautiful and sweet smelling fruit than this physical world would ever know. At first inspection of the Squares within the Grimoire, there seemed to be no method at all to the arrangement of the characters within each Square, the letters and placing having been chosen at random.

The old wizard had arranged for me to return to the large, brick house three days of the week. One could travel those lands for lifetimes and only behold a small portion of their secrets. I felt my countenance fall as I thumbed through the few remaining pages only to find that there were no lf that the authors had hidden in some obscure place in the tome.

I stepped inside, feeling perfectly at home in this alien world. More likely, it is the work of one who came before me, a Grand Emissary of the Eighteen Flames, who set down on paper the most basic information pertaining to these secrets, We offer this Grimore in hopes that some true aspirants may be led in Ascent by it. I had no idea what such would entail, or if the man would be able to teach me.

The final marking in the bottom corner of the Triangle is an 3 obscure one, even after scrying into it. Heptomaltor appears to be something other than beast, yet flamw manifestation is most certainly not human.

Yet, there is a definite kindness and even femininity that is apparent in him, as well as a boyishness that contrasts harshly against his muscular appearance. Before reciting the incantation of the Gate, it is necessary to meditate and to solidify the Astral Body of Light. Lukorst appears as a tall man encompassed in golden light.

Kingdoms of Flame

I expected to find a myriad of conjurations and bindings, scourgings and banishings. Often, he will play upon devices or deeds in the enemy’s past, whispering that one thing repeatedly into his ear. In a way, it supports the occult mechanics of the whole act of evocation itself, stabilizing all of the devices and maintaining the balance of the magickal currents.

The conjuration will usually read, “Spirit N. When he speaks, the Grand Angel’s voice does not issue from his mouth, but rather comes from above like a rolling thunder that is soft yet still causes all of creation to tremble.


It not only brings into manifestation that which is Summoned, but also imprisons the beings and powers within. It was on my twelfth birthday that my father took me in his car for a long drive.

It is also said in his description that he will take back more than is had. Alkalon appears as a very noble man surrounded by a golden aura. Most are beautiful, muscular men who are ab!

Just as Crowley knew when he took the dictation of Aiwass in Egypt, and as Doctor John Dee knew when the angels began to speak to Edward Kelly, the moment I broke the seals of the envelopes and rejoined the three sections of cipher text, I knew without a single doubt that what was happening was greater than myself, greater than all of my previous studies, and even greater than the whole of the human race.

Even at such a young age, I saw a piece of a world that most eyes were closed to, and it was a world that I longed to devour whole, to integrate each particle of it into my own being, The spirits that lingered and watched this exchange then circled around me, whispering in my ear the words that I needed to say. The marking at the top right of the Triangle seems to imply imprisonment or binding. Most others will be lost inside of the vacuum, confounded by their own charlatan nature, unable to find up from down, in from out.

We now are left with the mystery of the exact function of the Grand Demon, Angel or Spirit. IV If there is any one point in which an evocation is abandoned or is thought to have failed, it is directly after the conjuration. The Spirits shall come to guide me And not to deceive me. Alex rated it really liked it Sep 14, Reaching the seventh room in the circuit, I found three beings standing inside of it, waiting for me to enter.

It is my thought, perhaps naively, that this Gate and Temple is a tool that is meant for use only by the spiritually Adept. More importantly, we are releasing within these pages the original information from the Grimoire itself. Greed and material exaltation are the fundamental principles by which Parion operates, and in such realms is he the greatest ally.

I calculated the numerical value of each line and column, producing nothing but arbitrary numbers which had no relation at all.