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Nov. Kodak. EASYSHARE C user manual online. zoom digital camera. GMT Kodak. EasyShare. C Bedienungsanleitung. Bedienungsanleitungen Kodak Digitalkamera. ManualsWorld ist eine der größten Kodak C · User manual . Kodak EASYSHARE C · User manual. Kodak Easyshare C Instruction Manual is most popular ebook you must read. You can Bedienungsanleitung für das Gerät Kodak EASYSHARE C

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Understanding the picture-taking icons Setting up your camera Attaching the strap Loading the battery To replace batteries and extend battery life, see www.

At the prompt, press OK. When using the card for the first time, format the card eawyshare this camera before taking pictures page When the framing brackets turn green, press the Shutter button completely down. Framing marks do not appear in all modes. Taking a video www. When the framing marks turn green, focus is accomplished. In low light, hold the camera steady or use a tripod. Red-eye The flash fires twice—once, then again when the picture is taken.

Scene Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures under special conditions.

Bedienungsanleitungen Kodak Digitalkamera

See Video Capturing video with sound. See Favorites Reviewing favorite pictures. See Choose the mode that best suits your subjects and surroundings. Bright, colorful light displays. Flash does not fire. Place the camera on a flat, steady surface or use a tripod. High ISO People indoors, in low-light scenes. Children Action pictures of children in bright light. Assures proper focus and minimizes red eye. Portrait Sunset Capturing the deep hues seen at sunset. Using camera Help To better understand each menu option, use camera Help.

Highlight a menu choice, then press the button. Understanding the picture-taking icons Flash Self-timer Date stamp In capture mode—shutter pressed halfway Album www. Magnifying pictures 1 Press the Review button. Press during playback to play at 2X, 4X. Press to reverse at 2X, 4X. Press the Menu button to exit easysahre menu. Formatting internal memory also deletes email addresses, album names, and favorites.

To restore them, see EasyShare software Help. Press 3 Press to highlight Perfect Touch tech. The enhancement is previewed in a split screen.

Use fast-forward and fast-reverse, if needed. The video is trimmed. You kdoak save it as a new video or replace the original. Slide Show, then press OK. To interrupt the Slide Show, press OK. Press highlight Edit Video, then press OK.

Begin Show, then press OK. The slide show repeats until you press OK or until battery power is exhausted. The loop feature remains until you change it. Protection settings are not copied. Yellow—Picture may be sharp enough for an acceptable 4 x 6-inch 10 x 15 cm print or sharpness is not determined. Red—Picture is not sharp enough for an acceptable 4 x 6-inch 10 x 15 cm print. White—Printability is still being determined. A second easyhsare is taken 8 seconds later.


For recommended print sizes, visit www. Bedienungsanleitunv Balance Choose your lighting condition. Memory plus bedienungsanleitunv unavailable in Video mode. Setup, then OK to access settings Return to previous menu. Camera Sounds Choose sound effects. These Options All On default.

On default —choose from date formats. On default page Memory Card—deletes everything on the card; formats the card. Internal Memory—deletes everything in internal memory including email addresses, album names, and favorites; formats the internal bedienungsajleitung. Prints is not available in quickview.

Printing tagged pictures When you transfer the tagged pictures to your computer, the Kodak EasyShare software print screen opens. For details, click the Help button in EasyShare software. For the best 4 x 6 in. Tagging pictures and videos for emailing First—on your computer Use Kodak EasyShare software to create an email address book on your computer. Favorites folder in EasyShare software. To remove the tag, bedienunganleitung 36 or an EasyShare dock.

All pictures stored in the Favorites section of internal memory are removed. Favorites are restored the next time you transfer pictures to the computer. See Easysshare software Help for details. Press to locate a picture. The next time you connect the camera to the computer, copy up to 32 albums to the album name list.

Third—transfer to your computer When you transfer the tagged pictures or videos to your computer, EasyShare software opens and categorizes your pictures in the appropriate album. When prompted, take few minutes to electronically register your camera and software. To register later, visit www. If you turned off anti-virus software, turn it back on.

Printing pictures Printing with a Kodak EasyShare printer dock Dock your camera kodai the Kodak EasyShare printer dock and print directly—with or without a computer.

Purchase this and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit www. Direct printing with a PictBridge enabled printer Your camera is compatible with PictBridge technology, so you can print directly to PictBridge enabled printers.

Using a printer that is not PictBridge enabled For details on printing pictures from your computer, click the Help button in EasyShare software. Choose the number oodak copies.


Dock compatibility for your camera To see which Kodak EasyShare docks are compatible with your camera, visit www. Purchase camera docks, printer docks, and other accessories at a dealer of Kodak products or visit www.

Formatting a card deletes all pictures and videos, including protected files. Disconnect cable or rem.

Kodak EASYSHARE C613 User Manual

See the Kodak on camera EasyShare software Help. Connect with computer to import address book. Get help with the Windows operating system and working with digital pictures Other Get support for other cameras, software, accessories Get information on Kodak EasyShare printer docks Get information on Kodak inkjet products Optimize your printer for truer, more vibrant colors Register your camera www.

If you have questions concerning this product, kodam may speak with Kodak customer support. Bsdienungsanleitung Austria Belgium 02 14 45 Brazil 42 13 Canada 1 China Appendix Camera specifications For more specifications, visit www. Do not allow chemicals, such as suntan lotion, to contact painted surfaces.

Contact a dealer of Kodak products for more information. For digital camera disposal or recycling information, contact your local authorities. If the LCD breaks, do not touch the glass or liquid. Contact Kodak customer support. For approved accessories, visit www. For acceptable battery life, and to make sure your camera operates dependably, use the batteries listed.

Bedienungsanleitungen Kodak Digitalkamera. ManualsWorld – Ihre Welt der Bedienungsanleitung

If Kodak is unable to repair or replace a Product, Kodak will, at its option, refund the purchase price paid for the Product provided the Product has been returned to Kodak along with proof of the purchase price paid. Kodak will not be responsible for any special, consequential or incidental damages resulting from the sale, purchase, or use of this product regardless of the cause.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment labeling In the European Union, do not discard this product as unsorted municipal waste. Contact your local authorities or visit program information. PictBridge enabled printer, 37 picture size, 23 pictures checking settings, 20 copying, 19 cropping, 15, 16 deleting, 14 emailing tagged, 29 printing, 38 protecting, 14 reviewing, 12 storage capacity, 50 tagging, 33 taking, modes, 8 transfer, 35 picture-taking settings, 22 portrait, 9 www.