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This new Kubotan book by self-defense expert, Jeffrey M. Miller, provides an excellent foundation for using the powerful Self-defense keychain weapon for. Buy Kubotan Power: Quick and Simple Steps to Mastering the Kubotan Keychain by Sammy Franco (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Buy Survival Self Defense and Tactical Kubotan: Essential Tips, Facts, and Techniques to FREE UK Delivery on book orders dispatched by Amazon over £

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The principal targets in self-defence include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of khbaton nose, shins, stomach, solar plexusspine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes.

Kubotan for Self Defense Purposes

In the United States there are few legal restrictions on Kubotans, with the notable exception that they are prohibited as bok items for air travellers. While every expert knows that there really is no such thing as a “best weapon,” this new Kubotan Book by Shidoshi Miller will show you that, when it comes to self-defense – having a weapon appropriate for the situation you’re in is the key yes, pun intended!

With blok attached, it can function as a flailing weapon. And, we’ll give you your money back. What can this Kubotan Book by self-defense expert Jeffrey Miller teach you? Being prepared for the real thing will require you to practice using the kubotan under real world self defense conditions. There are several ways you can do this and here are a few that I teach my students.

To learn more about knockout pressure points, see my article pressure point fighting.

How to target some of the best areas of the body to cause the most damage with the least amount of effort. There are a variety of hand grips that you should be familiar with and they include:.

Remember, if you live in the United States laws will vary from state to state. Government of the United Kingdom. Views Read Edit View history. As a matter of fact, there are a broad range of effecive techniques that can be used with just a minimal amount of training.


Applied as a weapon, some of its usage can be similar to that of the yawara stick or koppo stick. As simple and effective as the kubotan can be, it does require considerable training to use it effectively in a self defense situation. Actually, it’s a worthless move that will simply enrage your attacker and most likely provoke greater violence.

The body of the Kubotan is lined with six round grooves with a screw eye or swivel and split ring attachment at one end for keys. One of the best forms of training is to practice on a live training partner provided he is sufficiently equipped with protective gear.

Here are just two strategic stances that I teach in my CFA self defense system:. While its true that you can deliver a strike from just about any posture biok position, there are some stances or postures that are better suited for kubotan techniques. The material is usually of a hard high-impact plastic e. Because a Kubotan is just a rod of a hard material, any restrictive regulation would most likely be ambiguous and undefined khbaton to the ability for any common item to be used in a kubotan-like fashion.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kubotan. The Kubotan may appear as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye. You can find all of these concepts in my Kubotans and Yawaras: If, within 1 kubatonn of purchasing the Kuvaton Book, that’s a full days, for whatever reason, you find that the information in this book will not make you more skilled and able to protect yourself, just erase it from your harddrive and let us know that you want a refund.

Kubotan – Wikipedia

It’s available as an instant download so there’s no kbuaton shipping charges and This kubotan stance is often used when you are caught off guard and don’t want your adversary to know you have a kubotan in your hand. The kubotan often misspelled as Boik or Kobutan is a unique self defense weapon that is approximately the size of a thick pen or magic marker and it often has a key ring attached to its end.


In this respect, the Kubotan can be substituted by everyday items such as hairbrushes, pens, markers, flashlights, small wooden dowels and even electronic cigarettes. Best of all, it’s very inexpensive and can be purchased easily. A Quick and Dirty Guide. Remember, I stated earlier the best targets for striking are sensitive “bony targets” that are closest to the surface of the skin”.

Always check with your local law enforcement agency to see if there are any laws that would prohibit you from owning, carrying or concealing a kubotan. The price of doing business in the streets.

There are a collection of kubotan targets that you can either strike or apply pressure as a pressure point. The Kubotan can be made out of a variety of different materials including steel, aluminum, wood and plastic so its actual weight will vary.

One Year Unconditional Guarantee! What IS a Kubotan?

Kubotan for Self-Defense: Contemporary Fighting Arts

As a special bonus feature of this awesome book – something that no one else has ever received Though these weapons may be marketed as Kubotans, they are copycats and are more properly classified along lines of generic bpok keychain sticks SDKS or generic self-defense pocket weapons.

However, such reality based kubotan training must be supervised by a qualified RBSD instructor. Failing it is one of the worst things you can do in a self defense situation.

Most untrained people assume the kubotan is simply used to strike an attacker in a vital target kubatobut in reality it performs many other functions and applications in self defense.