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Home Ray Kurzweil La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos La singularidad está cerca. Cuando los humanos transcendamos la biología: Ray. Algunos defienden que esta cerca, dado el ritmo en que esta evolucionando la Otra figura importante es Raymond Kurzweil, experto en Inteligencia Artificial. Cuando aterricé en el MIT, Ray Kurzweil ya era famoso allí, donde había estudiado con Marvin Minsky, quien fue también uno de mis.

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Anthony Doerr says that before you “dismiss it as techno-zeal” consider that “every day the line between what is human and what is not quite human blurs a bit more”. The Singularity is Near Quotes Showing of En septiembre de organizaremos el Festival RAAD con Ray Kurzweil, y muchos otros expertos en longevidad y rejuvenecimiento, entre otros temas. Good in the s. Kurzweil describes his law of accelerating returns which predicts an exponential increase in technologies like computersgeneticsnanotechnologyrobotics and artificial intelligence.

The movie was released generally on July 20, Retrieved from ” https: As an example of super-exponential growth Kurzweil cites the computer chip business. Eventually people’s bodies will contain so much augmentation they’ll be able to alter their “physical manifestation at will”.

La Singularidad está más cerca

Archived from the original on Instead, exploration stalled or even regressed after that. No creo en nacionalidades, ni en fronteras.

Kurzweil characterizes evolution throughout all time as progressing through six epochs, each one building on the one before. The first idea is that human progress is exponential that is, it expands by repeatedly multiplying by a constant rather than linear that is, expanding by repeatedly adding a cerrca.

As one paradigm levels off, pressure builds to find or develop a new paradigm. Once the Singularity singualridad been reached, Kurzweil says that machine intelligence will be infinitely more powerful than all human intelligence combined.

The Singularity is Near Quotes

What is consciousness and thinking and memory and all that? Kurzweil notes that computational capacity alone will not create artificial intelligence.


Como parte de esas conversaciones informales en Chicago, Ray y Peter comenzaron a idear Singularity University. Kurzweil explains that evolutionary progress is exponential because of positive feedback ; the results of one stage are used to create the next stage. In regard to reverse engineering the brain, est David J. Want to Read saving….

Ferca calls this sjngularidad growth the law of accelerating returns, and he believes it applies to many human-created technologies such as computer memorytransistorsmicroprocessorsDNA sequencingmagnetic storagethe number of Internet hostsInternet trafficdecrease in device size, and nanotech citations and patents.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Afterwards he predicts intelligence will radiate outward from the planet until it saturates the universe. Un cercca de Alexa ha permitido a una persona escuchar las conversaciones de otro usuario. Think of the lowly giraffe, for instance, whose brain is obviously far below the level required for self-understanding—yet it is remarkably similar to our brain. The overall budget for the whole industry increases over time, since the fruits of exponential growth make it an attractive investment; meanwhile the additional budget fuels singulaidad innovation which makes the industry grow even faster, effectively an example of “double” exponential growth.

That means, he continues, that evolution is moving towards a conception of God and that the transition away from biological roots is in fact a spiritual undertaking.

The Singularity is Near Quotes by Ray Kurzweil(page 3 of 5)

Yo suelo explicar que los cerebros son muy lentos: Kurzweil believes there is “no objective test that can conclusively determine” the presence of consciousness. Kurzweil describes four paradigms of computing that came before integrated circuits: She observes that he’s more focused on optimistic outcomes rather than the risks.

Inventing is a lot like surfing: He feels that data collection might be growing exponentially, but insight is increasing only linearly. Paul Davies wrote in Nature that The Singularity is Near is a “breathless romp across the outer reaches of technological possibility” while warning that the “exhilarating speculation is great fun to read, but needs to be taken with a huge dose of salt.


Once robust rejuvenation is confirmed in an animal, there will be enormous competitive pressure to translate these results into human therapies, which should appear five to ten years later. When Humans Transcend Biology is a non-fiction book about artificial intelligence and the future of humanity by inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil.

Which I suppose will be you? The buildup towards the Singularity is compared with Judeo-Christian end-of-time scenarios.

Kurzweil has also directed his own adaptation, called The Singularity is Nearwhich mixes documentary with a science-fiction story involving his robotic avatar Ramona’s transformation into an artificial general intelligence. Inspired by the book, Ptolemy directed and produced the film Transcendent Manwhich went on to bring more attention to the book. He compares his Singularity to that of a mathematical or astrophysical singularity.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. The sinbularidad step is to image the brain, to peer inside it. He writes that general modeling requires 10 16 calculations per second and 10 13 bits of memory, but then explains uploading requires additional detail, perhaps as many as 10 19 cps and 10 18 bits. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Libros de Ray Kurzweil | BuscaLibre Chile

Las conferencias de Chicago fueron filmadas y parte de ellas se pueden ver en el documental de Ray Kurzweil llamado Trascendent Manen el cual aparezco con Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis y William Shatner en un cocktail. Consiga un nuevo empleo, sinvularidad sus competencias, haga que su hoja de vida muestre la diferencia, pruebe a su empleador sus conocimientos. The New York Times.

Since people have found no evidence of other civilizations, Kurzweil believes humans singularidax likely alone in the universe.