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TM – Page 1 of TM OPERATOR’S MANUAL. FOR. HOWITZER, MEDIUM, SELF-PROPELLED,. MM. MA2. Refer to TM , Ammunition and Explosives Standards, for correct Fuel tanks (diesel) (with MA6 common lower fuel tank). SELF-PROPELLED: MM, MA6. (NSN ) (EIC: 3FC). TM P-1, 08 February , is changed as follows: 1. The purpose of.

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Army PM Paladin website.

The Theory of Operation WP provides information that will help you understand how the vehicle components work. Customers who bought this product also purchased The system is capable of both direct line of sight and indirect out of the line of sight firing. Principles of Artillery Weapons.

M mm Self-Propelled Medium Howitzer

This TM is divided into chapters and front and rear matter. The Mseries medium, self-propelled howitzer is a full-tracked, armored combat support, internally loaded, air transportable, vehicle powered by an eight cylinder, diesel engine.


It serves as an area from which to service the weapon as m109q6 as a storage area for ammunition. Basic issue items are items needed to put the vehicle in operation, operate it, and do emergency repairs. Earlier versions of the howitzer have double rear hull doors, later versions have single doors.

This manual tells you how to use and maintain the MA6 Howitzer. Large boxy tmm mounted rear of center. The chapters are further divided into WPs for ease of use.

If you wish the BIG size book the size of a regular sheet of paperwe have it on this website too.

TM 9-2350-314-10 155MM M109A6 Howitzer – mini size

These WPs contain all the maintenance procedures authorized for the driver and squad members. The covers are laminated for weather protection with black and white inside printing. NovemberMayJuly These references include technical manuals and other ym. Replaced the M44 mm self-propelled howitzer.

M NSN Modifications for the TE1 included diesel-powered engines.


The hull and cab assemblies protect the crew and equipment against small arms fire. Powered by Zen Cart. Gm of end item are those items which are assembled and become a permanent part of the vehicle.

Used extensively in the Vietnam war.

The Equipment Description WP gives a brief description of major parts and features of the vehicle. Forgotten Password Create Account.

Distinctive short gun tube with double baffle muzzle brake. Armed with mm M gun mounted in a M howitzer mount. Armored Vehicle Recognition, February T, TE1 M prototypes. It includes the following WPs: The vehicle is divided into three sections: The TE1 was redesignated as the M The binding is coil, allowing for easy page turning with no jamming.