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Ma vérité / Leïla Ben Ali. By: Trabelsi, Leïla. Material type: materialTypeLabel BookPublisher: Paris: Editions du Moment, Description: p. 3 oct. Leïla Trabelsi avait demandé l’interdiction de ce livre au Tribunal de grande instance de Paris. Le nom de Trabelsi étant très répandu au pays du jasmin, rien d’étonnant à .. je suis tunusienne et je suis fière de ma nationalité .. Beaucoup de verité et beaucoup de soupçons voir qui dit vrai et qui dit faut. your Kindle, you might want to remove from the bookshop hidden in a brown paper bag – in Tunisia at least – is Ma Verite by Leila Trabelsi.

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Magdalena Reilly December 19, – Drawing a balance-sheet of the uprising evrite the countries that have been most affected by it until now, i.

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Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya and Syria, Achcar sheds special light on the nature leila trabelsi ma verite role of the movements that use Islam as a political banner. He scrutinizes attempts at co-opting the uprising by these movements and by the oil monarchies that sponsor them, as well as by the protector of these same monarchies: Ben Ali wrote that Seriati had come to him in his office and told him leila trabelsi lrila verite foreign intelligence services had passed on information about a plot to assassinate Ben Ali.


He was persuaded to board a plane which was taking his wife and children to safety in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, trabellsi with the intention of returning immediately, leila trabelsi ma verite statement said. Rafik Chelly who was the director of security for the president and other political figures between andsaid the term coup d’etat, used by Trabelsi in her memoir, is misleading.

One cannot speak of a coup d’etat. There are hints confirming this, but there are other hints that lead to the opposite conclusion.

Seriati used all means to scare Ben Ali into leaving the country. He talked about the helicopters hovering over the presidential palace ready to bombard it, about ships at sea ready to assail it, and about veritw airport control tower having leila trabelsi ma verite seized by armed gangs.

Seriati did everything to scare the president,” said Chelly.

rtabelsi He was acquitted by the courts in June of charges of killing protesters. Samir Seriati, the son of Ali Seriati, condemned Trabelsi’s book and defended his father. I think she’s mad about the fact that General Seriati was the only person in Tunisia who could convince Ben Ali to leave the country and he did.


The witch makes the headlines again! – LAILA BEGHI

The Ben Ali clan just wanted to rule even if the death of thousands would have been the price to pay but Ali Leila trabelsi ma verite prevented this from happening. This book was written with hatred. Corruption, along with unemployment and a lack of freedom, were among the main complaints raised by protesters who ousted Ben Ali in in a popular revolution that sparked the Arab Spring uprisings.

During Ben Ali’s term in office, members of the Trabelsi family accumulated vast fortunes while his security forces routinely arrested anyone who dared leila trabelsi ma verite. Ben Ali has denied the charges against him of illegally possessing drugs, cash, jewellery and weapons.

He said the weapons were gifts from other heads of state and the jewellery had leila trabelsi ma verite given as gifts to Leila Trabelsi by foreign dignitaries.