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Introduction to Linux. A Hands-On Guide. Third Edition by. Machtelt Garrels. Cover design by Fultus Corporation. Cover illustration by Anna Khayrullina. Certified Linux Administrator. Certified RedHat Linux Administrator. Certified Linux Administrator. Master UNIX Administration Solaris. Introduction to Linux. Next. Introduction to Linux. A Hands on Guide. Machtelt Garrels. . ISBN -.

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Table of Contents Introduction Why this guide? Who should read this book?

Conventions used in this document Organization of this document 1. Linux for non-experienced users Does Linux have a future?

About files and the file system General overview of the Linux file system Files About partitioning More file system layout Orientation in the file system The path Absolute and relative paths The most important files and directories The most important configuration files The most common devices The most common variable files Manipulating files Viewing file properties Creating and deleting files and directories Finding files More ways to view file content Linking files File security Access rights: Performance Load Can I do anything as a user?


Scheduling processes Use that idle time! Text editors Text editors Why should I use an editor? Which editor should I use? What do you need? Where to go from here?

DOS versus Linux commands C. List of Figures 1. Introduction to Linux front cover 1. OpenOffice MS-compatible Spreadsheet 2.

Konqueror as help browser 3. Linux file system layout 3. Hard and soft link mechanism 4.

Introduction to Linux: A Beginner’s Guide by Machtelt Garrels

Can’t you go faster? Gnome System Monitor 8. Printer Status through web interface 9. Evolution mail and news reader SSH X11 forwarding List of Tables 1. Typographic and usage conventions 2. Key combinations in Bash 2. New commands in chapter 2: File types in a long list 3. Subdirectories of gareels root directory 3. Most common configuration files 3.

Color-ls default color scheme 3. Default suffix scheme for ls 3. Access mode codes 3. User group codes 3.

Introduction to Linux

File protection with chmod 3. New commands in chapter 3: Files and the file system 3. New commands in chapter 4: New commands in chapter 5: Common environment variables linud. New commands in chapter 7: Making yourself at home 8. New commands in chapter 8: New commands in chapter 9: The simplified OSI Model New commands in chapter Common Shell Features C.