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Shri Mahila Griha Udyog, the makers of the famous Lijjat Papad, is an organisation which symbolises the strength of a woman. Only women can become the. Contributed by members of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is Contributed by members of TORY. The story of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is all that and much more. Today, Lijjat is more than just a household name for ‘papad’.

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The group got considerable publicity through word of mouth and articles in vernacular newspapers. It provides employment to 43, in women across the country. This sharing practice is still in effect, but now the decision whether to share the profits in gold or in cash is made at the branch level. Since we have an estimate of the quantity each distributor takes, we produce accordingly. The institution has adopted the concept of business from the very beginning.

This publicity helped it increase its membership. For one, all raw materials are purchased in Mumbai and then distributed to the 62 branches to ensure consistent quality of Lijjat Papad. Even a ben who has recently joined gets the same share as others who have been with us longer.

Primarily a cottage industry, urban by its origin, which has spread to majila rural areas, it had an annual Rs. They leveraged their basic skill and turned it into a weapon because they believed in themselves and in each other.

Lijjat believes in the philosophy of sarvodaya and collective ownership. The committee of 21 members manages the affairs of the institution. If we find any ben becoming careless about quality, we do not tolerate it. Retrieved 11 March I agree to the terms and privacy lijjay.


The tmtc Journal of Management.

All its dealings are carried out on a sound and pragmatic footing – Production of quality goods and lijjar reasonable prices. Archived from the original on 8 October In this institution work is worship.

Let the branch be responsible for all activities from production to packaging to collection and distribution of vanai and profit for its particular geographical region. InLijjat had a turnover of Rs 3 billion and exports worth Rs. Lijjat refuses to accept donations, but instead provides donations to the needy. Another important fact about the institution is that no male can become a member and no male employee whether working or honorary or on salary basis has voting rights.

It has given us a clear vision of the path appad progress. The growth of the Lijjat is often seen lijjt the larger canvas of women and their empowerment. Each branch calculates its profit and divides it equally among all its members. The organisation’s main objective is empowerment of women by providing them employment opportunities. Once, when the president Jyoti Naik was questioned about this anomaly, she said that there was no need to make provision for a retirement age, as the emphasis obviously was on earning one’s bread through daily work, all through one’s life.

But the work of the institution is such that each and every member can take any initiative or any decision. Driven by values Every member who joins in pledges, “. Like the Article of Lijjat Lijjat Patrikathe in-house magazine, is published and circulated for a nominal rate to those interested in the activities of Lijjat. Since the raw material is purchased in Mumbai, grinding the flour at our own mills helps reduce costs. Only women can become the members of the organisation.


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And that’s good udyg. In Marchthe 50th branch of Lijjat was inaugurated in Mumbai. We need to give encouragement and opportunities and then see results. That, in turn has led to a sense of shared destiny in our institution. There is no place for feelings of pity, sympathy or charity among members. Every member at Lijjat works with a sense of pride in her work.

However, the sanchalika s still need the managing committee’s approval before they undertake any new project or activity. To avoid any inconsistencies, the final products are tested in the Lijjat’s laboratory in Mumbai.

Empowering women in urban India : Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (English) | The World Bank

The papads were kept on the cot and the stove below the cot so that lijjaat process of drying could take place in spite of the rains. Packed papads are sealed into a box each box holds Our communication with distributors is regular through monthly meetings where we discuss their problems and also the issues that we may have about quality, price, reach, etc.

Joshi, Labour Advocate of Bombay and a well-known industrial relations expert, was called for consultations. This is where our job ends. It all began on 15th marchwhich was a warm summer day with the sun shining brightly in the cloudless sky.

At the same time it is not prudent for the organisation to invest in office property for so many members. Member sisters across all branches of Lijjat recite an all-religion prayer before beginning their daily activities.