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The Manticore (Deptford Trilogy) [Robertson Davies, Michael Dirda] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hailed by the Washington Post Book. The Manticore [Robertson Davies] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fiction. Hailed by the Washington Post Book World as ‘a modern classic,’ Robertson Davies’s acclaimed Deptford Trilogy is a glittering, fantastical, cunningly contrived .

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Apr 09, Kalliope rated it really liked it Shelves: Liesl also senses that something has taken place, when he asks her not to withdraw daview friendship: But David’s ignorance provides opportunity, of course, not merely for an exposition of the difference between Jungian and Freudian theory, but also for an exposition of Jungian theory itself.

Sep 29, Jackie “the Librarian” rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: To what extent is this therapeutic process successful for David? The world daveis conjurors and miracles and tricks of the hat has gi If the first volume of this trilogy had me dreaming about saints view spoiler [ https: For amnticore than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

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And I think that’s what I love most about Davies–he manages to make everything feel interesting and full of mystery and magic and importance. If the analyst is not going ,anticore be a character, then they have no business standing at centre stage. As a narrator, Ramsay had a way of coloring things with wonder – This is the second book in Davies’ Deptford Trilogy, following Fifth Business.

Davies much-lauded Deptford trilogy Fifth Business was the firstThe Manitcore’s primary weakness is its structure which is self-serving and diminishes any dramatic weight the narrative might otherwise have.

The Manticore by Robertson Davies | : Books

Partly an exploration of the psychology of Jung and partly a work of biographical fiction akin to Fifth BusinessThe Manticore is a journey into David’s past and into his psyche. Jan 24, Lara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is a work of towering intellect, exploring ideas of good and evil, robettson and identity, truth and illusion, art and mysticism, and much more.

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Dempster, the mother of Paul Dempster aka Magnus Eisengrimwhom others consider morally degenerate and mentally deficient, is in fact a saint.

The Manticore — book review

Davies’ structure continues to undermine his own intentions, making for a book that is readable without ever being truly engaging. Esther Harding explains the basic theory of the function types in Journey into Self. In the second part of the Deptford trilogy focuses on David Staunton the son of Boy Staunton the Robeetson millionaire.

Be the first to discover new talent! Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. In this third section of the novel, then, Liesl brings to the surface the counter-theory to Jung which has been manifest up to this point only as an ironic undercurrent.

If I’m using a lot of theatrical metaphors, it’s because this book is begging to be a play: David’s ignorance of Jung – “Of the Jungians I knew nothing” p. With that caveat in mind, however, I quite enjoy the Deptford trilogy as a vehicle for Jungian philosophy. I mean, it asks us to look at the people in our lives in terms of archetypes and deconstruct how we project our desires upon them, manticote them to fit into roles we define.

My main complaint is its rather inconclusive ending though the scene in the bear cave roobertson a very substantial crescendo finale of sorts. Furthermore, as one result of the expectancy created by these overt anomalies, yet another anomaly is brought into focus – the treatment of the Manticore. It is not, however, a typical analysis, for no Jungian analysis can be typical:.

The Manticore Reader’s Guide

The killing of the monster is part of the hero’s lift-pattern, sometimes called the hero-journey, “the way of life [which] passes through death. At the end of Fifth BusinessBoy dies, and now David has gone to Zurich seeking the wisdom of a Jungian analyst to make sense of his behaviour since his father’s death. So, for now I’ll tenatively leave it as 4-stars, but perhaps that will increase as I finish the trilogy. Davies offers us, not the hero-journey as a symbolic analogue of analysis, but analysis as a symbolic analogue of the hero-journey, ironically revealing that analytical psychology is not a truly heroic mode.


Because David is unique as Dr. The Manitcore is not a lousy book but it is massively underwhelming, especially given that it won the Governor’s General Award back in The story takes a turn at the end and some of the wonder and mystery of Fifth Business gets added back in. Jan 18, Mark rated it it was amazing. Thinking runts, of course – oh, yes, thinking away as hard as a runt can without getting into danger.

As a narrator, Ramsay had a way of coloring things with wonder – even when bad stuff was happening.

Liesl brings into David’s life all those elements which Dr. Staunton senior had rrobertson found in his car at the bottom of a harbor with a stone in his mouth — pink granite. And it is because he is so powerfully affected that he gets so much out of the relationship: In Fifth BusinessDunstan Ramsay, history teacher and hagiographer, finds access to the marvelous through his study of saints and their miracles.